ICC Governance Changes; Associate and Affiliate Cricket Podcast
Russell Degnan

A wealth of cricket to cover in this episode. Andrew Nixon (@andrewnixon79) joins Russell Degnan (@idlesummers) to catch up on the last month of events starting with the East Asia Pacific (0:20) and Americas WCL qualifiers (5:40). The Women's World Cup qualifier was played without associate success, but Ireland did make the super six (8:00). Hong Kong's fascinating matchup with Netherlands is also covered (11:40) along with Irish, UAE and Afghan ODI matches (19:42). We discuss the results of the last ICC meeting in depth, covering the governance reforms (23:10), membership (28:10) tournament structures (36:00), and player eligibility (54:15) as well as the latest on USACA and CAN (59:40). There is also news of ACC sub-regional tournaments, associate players taking opportunities elsewhere, the Hong Kong Blitz (1:02:50) and previews of the upcoming I-Cup and WCL matches, and a potential tournament in the Americas (1:05:55).

Direct Download Running Time 76min. Music from Martin Solveig, "Big in Japan"

The associate and affiliate cricket podcast is an attempt to expand coverage of associate tournaments by obtaining local knowledge of the relevant nations. If you have or intend to go to a tournament at associate level - men`s women`s, ICC, unaffiliated - then please get in touch in the comments or by email.

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