African and Asian WCLQ; Associate and Affiliate Cricket Podcast
Russell Degnan

The regional World Cricket League qualifiers continue with tournaments in several continents. Andrew Nixon (@andrewnixon79) joins Russell Degnan (@idlesummers) to talk about that and the recent ICC meeting. The African (0:20) and Asian (4:00) qualifiers turned up some surprises, good finishes and horrid mismatches, while the EAP women's T20 qualifier (10:50) was a tournament of two halves. There were also matches against England for Ireland's men's and women's teams (12:15). The ICC meeting is covered in depth with discussion of the governance changes and potential impact on affiliates (16:40), the ongoing discussion of playing structure (21:40), investment in China (24:15) and the decision to recommend expulsion of USACA (26:00). There was also news about the Asian and Commonwealth Games (31:40), and changes abound in Hong Kong (36:05). Finally we preview the World Cricket League Division 3 to be played in Uganda (38:10).

Direct Download Running Time 41min. Music from Martin Solveig, "Big in Japan"

The associate and affiliate cricket podcast is an attempt to expand coverage of associate tournaments by obtaining local knowledge of the relevant nations. If you have or intend to go to a tournament at associate level - men`s women`s, ICC, unaffiliated - then please get in touch in the comments or by email.

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