World Cup, Africa and EAP U/19; Associate and Affiliate Cricket Podcast
Russell Degnan

Andrew Nixon (@andrewnixon79) joins Russell Degnan (@idlesummers) to review the opening fortnight of world cup matches, assessing how the associate teams have gone to date, and their chances of qualifying for the quarter-finals. They then look at the extraordinary turn in the politics of the next world cup that has taken place since the start of the tournament, the petition to increase the number of teams, and make a call to both focus on these issues outside the world cup, and to not neglect the many other problems in the game (18:08). The Africa and EAP U/19 qualifiers are looked at, won respectively by Namibia and in a big surprise, Fiji. (27:41) In news, the ICC has requested an extensive list of information from USACA, and the end may be near for our most consistent source of governance news (32:33). There is also news on the hosts for WCL6, Americas Div 1, and ongoing issues in Nepal (38:30).

Direct Download Running Time 44min. Music from Martin Solveig, "Big in Japan"

The associate and affiliate cricket podcast is an attempt to expand coverage of associate tournaments by obtaining local knowledge of the relevant nations. If you have or intend to go to a tournament at associate level - men's women's, ICC, unaffiliated - then please get in touch in the comments or by email.

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