Is anybody looking for a game of cricket?
Russell Degnan

A strange title for a post perhaps, on a day when the clouds are a deep black, and the rain is filling the gutters with water. Of course, if you think that then you've obviously never played cricket in Melbourne.

I do however. Though, with one exception I've avoided talking about it here, much as I avoid talking about most of my non-blogging social activities. It is something of a surprise to me then, that I've been playing at my current club, Youlden Parkville for longer than I've been at my current job, current house, or current profession.

Unfortunately, so have many other players at the club, and it is in dire need of some fresh new talent to enliven the bar in an evening, and roll the arm over on an afternoon.

It is an outstanding club, situated in Royal Park, and fully in tune with the surrounding Brunswick / Parkville area, being a home for students, writers, and other unemployed artistic types, as well as the gentrified professional classes. The beer gardenground is as pretty as any in Melbourne, overlooking the golf course and the zoo. You can hear the jazz from there during the summer evening sunsets. We also cater to a mix of standards from experienced first class players to complete unco's. The former left and I stayed, but both are definitely welcome. All four elevens play on turf wickets as well. An especially attractive thing for any of you who bowl military medium seamers, or are in love with the cross-batted slog.

Since the new season will start sooner than you'd think, and the planning for the current one might entail cutting back on the number of teams we run -- to the dismay of everyone concerned. It is a matter of some urgency that we find a player or two.

So... if anyone who reads, or happens to google across here is looking for a game, please drop me an email or comment, or send same to recruit [at]

Cricket 23rd July, 2006 19:08:18   [#] 


Bah, plebeians! You're not a true artistic type unless you lounge around the house not doing anything! One certainly doesn't get involved in sport, that's for the masses ...
TimT  23rd July, 2006 22:06:13  

Is anybody looking for a game of cricket?
What are the club's attitudes to training?

I need to convert myself into a batsman or my career is over anyway.
Bruce  24th July, 2006 12:14:04  

Is anybody looking for a game of cricket?
Tim, you are the first person ever to claim cricket is for the masses.

Bruce, depends on where you play and who you ask.

The general rule is: Firsts are expected to train, and anyone who trains gets a game. Otherwise they are pretty understanding of commitments to work/family and so on.

I only trained twice last season, but then I also claimed to be retired. It is rare we have too many players in any week, so if you are committed to playing every week you'd get a game. Our biggest issue is we have no juniors, so we can't just fill our fours with kids when we are short (hence the current recruitment drive).
Russ  24th July, 2006 13:03:10