Ratings - August 2006
Russell Degnan

No finished series for this month, but another starts in a few days in Columbo so I guess I better type in a preview

Forthcoming Series:

Sri Lanka (1086.68) v South Africa (1101.97) - 2 Tests.

A series with mutual obligation written all over it. The Sri Lankans should be favourites against a young, and still declining, South African side, particularly given their efforts in England. But frankly, do I care? Not really. A two test series is only slightly less of a waste of time as the one day series that follows.

Australia (1st) 1379.29
England (2nd) 1180.93
Pakistan (3rd) 1183.32
India (4th) 1123.44
New Zealand (7th) 1028.9
West Indies (8th) 832.00
Zimbabwe (9th) 672.64
Bangladesh (10th) 598.51

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Ratings - August 2006
Just roll on November!
Tony.T  27th July, 2006 17:07:21  

Ratings - August 2006
Pidgeon was all over the news yesterday. Looks like he has a couple of kilos to work off over the next couple of months too.
Bruce  27th July, 2006 17:42:04  

Ratings - August 2006
What Tony T said.

Pakistan got rolled like a sausage roll today. Not what we wanted.
Scott Wickstein  28th July, 2006 02:02:57  

Ratings - August 2006
I'm not overly concerned. England are a good side, Pakistan can still be erratic. The two just happened to combine. Monty Panesar getting three wickets on the first day of a test is the most intriguingly worrying part. Unless England do something stupid like drop him, he'll give them a lot of options come November.
Russ  28th July, 2006 14:54:11  

Ratings - August 2006
The thing about Monty is that he is an even worse fielder than Tuffers. I would expect to see him get a very thorough workout by the likes of Punter and Shameless. They'll be taking one on his arm from 30m away.
Bruce  31st July, 2006 12:37:22