T20 Ratings - World Cup Edition (semi-finals)
Russell Degnan

Rankings at 16th June 2009form
1.South Africa1332.38+74.26
2.Sri Lanka1287.12+51.58
6.West Indies1222.07+34.53
8.New Zealand1166.49-71.48

Predictions for semi-finals
Pakistan v South Africa 7 runs
West Indies v Sri Lanka 7 runs

South Africa and Sri Lanka have emerged as the clear favourites for their respective finals, having cruised into the semi-finals undefeated, and in outstanding form. However, neither side has a greater than 60% chance of victory, so keep tossing those coins.

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T20 Ratings - World Cup Edition (semi-finals)
Well, if somebody had predicted before the match that Duminy will bat ahead of Boucher, VanDerMerve and Morkel in a must-win situation, I could have predicted 100% than SA will lose.

And who could have predicted that Umar Gul will bowl only 3 overs! How much worse can captaincy get?
marees  19th June, 2009 22:48:21  

T20 Ratings - World Cup Edition (semi-finals)
Marees, I don't necessarily agree with your point about Umar. He wasn't Pakistan's best bowler in that innings, the spinners were. Hence the unsuccessful over from Fawad Alam. (Alternatively Umar Gul was having trouble with something and wanted to change ends - which he did - but that should have been worked out earlier).

As for Duminy, I've seen him score incredibly quickly in tense situations and he is a far better player of spin than any of the three hitters below him. He needed to score faster - so did Kallis - but the problem was the failures above him.
Russ  20th June, 2009 23:51:36  

T20 Ratings - World Cup Edition (semi-finals)
Russ, Your analysis is probably correct. But I am really dis-appointed with SA that we couldn't get to watch their 3 big-hitters having a go at a tough chase after early wickets of Gibbs/DeVilliers.

I prefer the approach of WI who go for thier shots even if it means 0/3 in the 1st over!
marees  22nd June, 2009 22:08:32