World Cup Group Qualification
Russell Degnan

Presented without further comment, for my own benefit. Top diagram represents first place, bottom second. Both possible teams are represented where decided on goals scored.

Football 22nd June, 2010 12:42:15   [#] 


Red - white - blue
Personally, I like the one with red white blue most. Nothing wrong with some soccer induced patrionalism. Holland is turning orange quickly. Just hope it stays that way and we don't have to clean up after tomorrow....
Thatjana  2nd July, 2010 08:30:19  

World Cup Group Qualification
Ah come on, it is only Brazil. Just because you haven't played a single decent side yet in the tournament ,and they've been coasting past everyone is no reason to get worried.
Russ  2nd July, 2010 14:51:07