Short stat: run-outs per run-run by team
Russell Degnan

A very short statistic today, in honour of Australia's top-3, who've recently made a habit of running each other out. A graph of run-runs (runs minus boundaries) per run-out, by decade and team for the top-order (positions 1-7).* Notice Australia are getting run-out at the highest rate since WW2:

On another note, New Zealand can ill-afford to be consistently the worst running team in test cricket.

* Excluding innings with no boundaries recorded, which is the easiest way to discount scorecards where it is not recorded.

Cricket - Analysis 4th January, 2013 11:20:23   [#] 


Short stat: runouts per run run by team
Those fat Kiwis ...
Troy  4th January, 2013 11:37:06  

Run Away
Run-outs in the top order always make the batsmen look like idiots. You'd have thought with Watson being injured so often things would improve, but it seems not.
Lou  8th January, 2013 18:39:19