Short stat: Stosur`s results are opposition independent.
Russell Degnan

Anyone who has watched Sam Stosur lose might already know this, but graphing it is pretty amazing. Stosur has a career win/loss record of 59.1%. Petrova 62.6%. If they played opposition in a random order, or we modelled it as a dice-roll, then they'd end up with the modelled lines, gradually decreasing over time.

Clearly, obviously, with seeding, the standard of opposition player increases as you progress through the tournament. Hence Petrova has what I would consider a typical record in grand-slam tournaments. A consistent record of getting through round 1, before dipping below the model through the semi-finals, which she has never moved beyond.

Sam Stosur doesn't play better players. Sam Stosur only plays herself.

Tennis 17th January, 2013 14:37:31   [#]