ICC governance with Tim Anderson; Associate and Affiliate Cricket Podcast
Russell Degnan

In this episode, Russell Degnan (@idlesummers) interviews Tim Anderson, Head of Global Development at the ICC, on a range of topics: reform of the WT20 qualifying process and affiliate cricket (11:10), the changes to World Cricket League, and restructure of regional pathways (24:02), the ascension of Ireland and Afghanistan and present focus on greater context for full member cricket (29:06), global tournaments, opportunity and status (35:00), changes to the funding scorecard (41:29), women's cricket (44:12), member suspensions and governance (47:32), changes to regional development programs (53:29), streaming and promotion of associate cricket (55:37), match fixing (58:58), Tim's legacy, USA, China and the Olympics (1:01:12). As always, Andrew Nixon (@andrewnixon79) is along to discuss news from Germany, Hong Kong, Rwanda, and the ICC (0:06), and to preview World Cricket League division five (1:13:48) and PNG vs Kenya (1:16:49)

Direct Download Running Time 79min. Music from Martin Solveig, "Big in Japan"

The associate and affiliate cricket podcast is an attempt to expand coverage of associate tournaments by obtaining local knowledge of the relevant nations. If you have or intend to go to a tournament at associate level - men`s women`s, ICC, unaffiliated - then please get in touch in the comments or by email.

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