Ratings - May 2005
Russell Degnan

West Indies v South Africa
Opening Ratings: WI: 843.49 SAf: 1099.31
1st Test: Drawn
2nd Test: South Africa by 8 wickets.
3rd Test: South Africa by an innings and 86 runs.
4th Test: Drawn
Closing Ratings: WI: 808.01 Saf: 1127.19

South Africa were patchy throughout the series, but picked it up when it counted to get the results. A draw following on in the first test. And Ntini's 13 wickets in the second, and Nel's 10 in the third were decisive. The runfest in the fourth was a dreary end to a series that seemed to lack any real spark. In the batting, the West Indies were inconsistent, registering some big knocks including 2 double centuries, Lara's 196 and a triple. However, take those away and the averages plummet. This inconsistency needs to be addressed. The ratings didn't show any dramatic shifts; both merely consolidated their respective positions in 4th and 8th.

Forthcoming Series:

England (1209.78) v Bangladesh (616.46) - 2 Tests.
Bangladesh will no doubt be thrilled to play at Lord's and England will hope for a competitive game. But there is no doubt this is little more than a warmup for the Ashes series. Bangladesh have improved marginally, but anything other than consecutive innings defeats will be a surprise.

West Indies (808.01) v Pakistan (1065.38) - 2 Tests.
An interesting - if short series. History would suggest the West Indies will win. The ratings would suggest Pakistan. Both sides are rebuilding, and hence their long-term ratings are declining. However, that process has been ongoing in the West Indies squad for enough years that the real question is how low will they go? Pakistan suggested something against India. Expect them to scrape a win.

Australia (1st) 1389.17
India (3rd) 1142.64
Sri Lanka (5th) 1077.85
New Zealand (7th) 1034.08
Zimbabwe (9th) 707.44

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